It Is Written

Seashells: Wonders of Creation

The world is filled with evidence of God’s creative power: fish, birds, and animals of all shapes and sizes. Join Pastor John Bradshaw and be amazed by creation in “Seashells: Wonders of Creation.” See an extensive shell collection and discover that God’s creative power can not only be seen in the simple things but can also be experienced in your life!

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Learn the story of the Reformation and why it matters today more than ever. Join Pastor John Bradshaw on a unique journey in the footsteps of the Reformers with nine new, must-see, on-location programs titled 500.


JOHN BRADSHAW is the speaker/director of It Is Written, an international media evangelism ministry. It Is Written programs have been filmed on six continents, and are viewed around the world. John is married to Melissa, and they have two children.