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Great Characters of the Bible: Isaac

In Genesis 22, God commands Abraham to sacrifice his only son, a story often used to show the faithfulness of Abraham. But what does that same story say about the faith of Isaac, who willingly allowed himself to become a sacrifice? Join John Bradshaw for “Great Characters of the Bible” and learn the importance of trusting God's promises and guidance.

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It Is Written wants to help anchor children in the Word of God, so we created the My Place With Jesus Bible Guides. These Bible guides explain the plan of salvation, how to have a relationship with Jesus, and the major themes of the Bible. Designed for ages 7 to 12.


JOHN BRADSHAW is the president of It Is Written, an international media evangelism ministry. It Is Written programs have been filmed on six continents, and are viewed around the world. John is married to Melissa, and they have two children.